Lists, Grid Views and Cards

We use large list items when the summary for the content requires more than a title. For example, on a food item, we display the food name as the title and the serving size as a description. These two things together provide enough context for the points coin on the list item, while either alone would not suffice. On message list items, we show the message title and a preview of the message as the description. In both of these cases, the extra information provides necessary context for members to know if they want to tap on the items.



When a title provides enough context, use a list item.

List items should not have a disclosure indicator. This is an iOS pattern, and not common on Android. 


We wrap title text when it is necessary for the member to see the entire title. For example, we wrap the food name in search, to help members know which food item is the one they’re looking for, but truncate the food name in food cells on my day after they have been tracked.