Popups and Notifications


The design team highly advises against using iOS system alerts. System alerts should only be used in the following cases:

Asking permission for location, notifications, camera, etc. These should only appear once the member performs an action that requires that permission. For example, we should only ask for camera permission once the user taps into barcode scanner or tries to upload an image in Connect.

Confirming logging out or a purchase.

Confirming loss of significant work. For example, a member hits the back button after adding at least one food in our recipe builder or a member taps back after entering text into a new connect post. In this case, please use the language to the right.


We use action sheets when the member takes an action, but we need more information to continue. In this case, an action sheet will appear from the bottom of the screen.  This only occurs when the options are understandable without explanation.  This should not be used when there is a crucial question we need the user to answer.


Examples of this include sharing badges to Connect and options on a post in Connect.


We use confirmation notifications when the user takes a light action which we want to confirm, but no further action is required. These come down from the top of the screen and are dismissed automatically. There are no buttons on these notifications.


Where possible, show don’t tell a member she has completed an action. But if it would disrupt a flow to show not tell, then use a notification to confirm. An example is when a member deletes a weight, we confirm that the weight has been deleted with a notification. However, when a member creates a recipe, we simply show her the recipe instead of confirming it was created.


We use a similar pattern for warnings that don’t need to block the member’s workflow, with a slightly different visual design.