Swiping Gestures

It is important with any swiping gesture to ensure that there is a secondary way for the member to perform the same action as the swipe.


Members can swipe left on most cells to delete, remove, or dismiss. Do not use the left swipe for any non-destructive action. We call the action a delete if the object will no longer exist after the action, and a remove if the action removes the item from a list. We call it dismiss in cases like swipe to track yesterday’s meal, where we are offering a notification. Members must swipe left, and then tap on the destructive button that appears in order to complete the action. 

If a member swipes left and then taps anywhere other than the delete button, the cell should move back to its normal position.


Swipe (right) to track is a pattern we use to easily allow members to track multiple items from a list. Always allow members to track by tapping on a cell in addition to swiping. When a member swipes to track, there should be a blue background that appears behind the cell with text that indicates what will happen when the swipe gesture is completed. There should be an animation that indicates the cells are swipeable that only appears the first time a member goes to a screen that has a swipe feature.